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Raghuram Rajan explains Why corrupt politicians win elections in India.

Why corrupt politicians win elections in India. Explained by Raghuram Rajan

One widely held hypothesis is that our country suffers from want of a “few good men” in politics. This view is unfair to the many upstanding people in politics. But even assuming it is true, every so often we see the emergence of a group, usually upper middle class professionals, who want to clean up politics. But when these “good” people stand for election, they tend to lose their deposits. Does the electorate really not want squeaky clean government?

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What is Greek Crisis and why it happened?

You must have heard about the Greek Crisis. Here is a brief about this critical period and why it happened? by Harshal Jain Greek crisis is basically Greece debt crisis that Greece is not able to pay back loans it borrowed, like from IMF(International Monetary Fund) How this all started, lets see this:- It all...

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What is smart city?

What is smart city? by Harshal Jain P.M Narendra Modi, in this years budget said about developing 100 smart cities in INDIA .   But what exactly are smart cities? People migrate to cities primarily for employment. To support their happy and comfortable living, they also need good quality housing cost efficient physical and social...

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Is FDI in retail sector good for INDIA.

What’s your opinion on Foreign Direct Investment? Is FDI in retail sector good for INDIA? by Harshal Jain Before answering that question lets look at what is basically FDI? MEANING OF FDI:- FDI stands for foreign direct investment i.e. investment made by the foreign companies or   foreign government in India. It is mainly dealing...

Why tobbaco is not banned in India- RecapToday.com

Why isn’t tobacco banned in India?

 Tobacco ban? After the Withdrawal of Maggi Noodles by Nestle, Indian youth is curious about Tobbaco. The youth is soliciting ‘why tobacco is not banned yet’. Here’s a reason why. It is not practically possible to ban tobacco in India, figuratively there are approximately 200 million smokers in India which sum up to almost 12% of...