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all you can eat rest stop ad by oldtimer

A Basic Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing with examples

The concept has evolved from the ancient notion of Guerrilla warfare, where the troops used to attack the enemy in parts. When the purpose of branding (of a product/ or a service) is to target users at regular intervals, tada! it’s guerrilla. The branding is done to make a place in user’s mind. What is...

Marketing on twitter

Marketing On Twitter. How to do it and why?

Social Media is a channel that you cannot ignore today. In this particular post, we are going to talk about marketing on Twitter. Be it Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook, there is a never ending list of social networking services that you can use for your business growth in 2016. How To Market Your App On...

freedom 251 - turns into a fiasco

Freedom 251 turns into a Fiasco

Freedom 251 – Worlds Cheapest Smart Phone Flops  with A  Big Bang If you were one of those eager beavers like me who were waiting for India’s $4 smart phone wonder and madly prancing around after seeing the 2 full page ads in your morning newspaper, and rushing to their website to book yourself the...

Joe Gebbia speaks at TED - TED2016

Joe Gebbia speaks at TED – TED2016

What Airbnb Co-Founder Did Differently At TED: A Standout On Content Marketing I am delighted when I have an aha moment. It’s double joy when it relates to connecting with people. I found my moment in Joe Gebbia’s TED talk. He is a co-founder of Airbnb, a company that ushers hospitality industry into our own...