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richest women in the world

Top 10 Richest women in the world

Today, women are breaking the stetreotypes and are rising in all the fields from fashion to technology . Let’s know about the top ten richest women in the world and their net worth. 1. Liliane Bettencourt (Born October 22, 1922) Liliane and her childrewn own 33% L’Oreal. Net worth: $37.2 billion USD. L’Oreal: Largest cosmetics company...

Issues Faced By Sewage Industry

Top Issues Faced By Sewage Industry

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers Bring Top Issues Faced By Sewage Industry Recently, packaged sewage treatment plant manufacturer made a study report to highlight top issues and concerns for the water and wastewater industries. Surprisingly, aging infrastructure was top in the list, with related issues like capital and operational costs. Let’s discuss them all in...

Japan‬ to fund 81% of India's first bullet train cost worth $15 billion

News Recap Today- December 12, 2015

News Headlines of the day Japan‬ to fund 81% of India’s first bullet train cost worth $15 billion Indian Space Research Organization: Agency Develops New Global Positioning System The navigation system is intended to replace ‪#‎GPS‬ in remote areas in India, bypassing remote government-operated satellite systems, reports say. The tool should be revealed next year,...

Opportunity Global Market Crash

Opportunity in the midst of the Global Market Crash

  Global Market Crash!  what opportunity does the current situation bring forth to India? Financial markets are in mayhem, the currency has taken a beating, and crude oil is at six year low. Sounds familiar? Except, this time it’s different. Most of us have been around since the last time the Indian stock markets took such a...

CAT 2015 Registration Process

CAT 2015 Registration Process | Step by Step Guide

CAT 2015 Registration Process ! Have You registered? You can register for CAT 2015 from the official CAT 2015 website, www.iimcat.ac.in between August 6th 2015 and September 20th, 2015. Registration steps- 1. Create a Profile 2. Log in with system generated User ID and Password 3. Submit Application after entering details and making online payment. On...

Why not united states of india ?

Why not United States of INDIA ?

Ever wondered why we call America as United States of America(U.S.A)  and INDIA as INDIA but not United States of INDIA(U.S.I) ,as both the countries are formed by all their states coming together to be as one Nation. by Harshal Jain For this we first have to know what is Federalism:- Federalism: It is a...