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Top Issues Faced By Sewage Industry

Issues Faced By Sewage Industry

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers Bring Top Issues Faced By Sewage Industry

Recently, packaged sewage treatment plant manufacturer made a study report to highlight top issues and concerns for the water and wastewater industries. Surprisingly, aging infrastructure was top in the list, with related issues like capital and operational costs. Let’s discuss them all in detail in this article.

  1. Aging infrastructure

Infrastructure wears with time. Aging infrastructure including pipelines, dams, tunnels, storage, pumping, and treatment facilities and certainly buried assets are on the top of the list. The severity of this issue varies from region to region.

In the study, it is also concluded that although committed to the massive undertaking of introducing new updates to infrastructure, the industry as a whole is just commencing the process of asset management and is just trying to develop understanding skills for the complete scope and benefit of such programs.

  1. Funding issues

Funding issues are among top three concerns followed by managing operational costs and funding and sometimes availability of capital. Even some municipal managers are aware of-

  • Reduction in non-revenue water
  • Affect of water main breaks on utility’s bottom line
  • Need of future resources

However, a new financial management approach would be helpful, but that is easier to say than implement when many utilities are stuck in funding methods that have been in the place for years.

  1. Increasing or expanding regulations

Concerns over increasing regulations with consistency are the next issue. This relates to spending, most utilities with bigger programs that gain funding are those needed by state or federal regulations, like nutrient removal and drinking water quality requirements.

It becomes a challenge for professionals to balance these expenses with deferred infrastructure maintenance.

  1. Change in technology

IT is evolving every other day. Information Technology refers to cloud computing, hosted apps, and virtualization, which enhance operations and potentially lower costs. However, with these advancements, security concerns are there that could potentially dampen the positive effects of latest technology.

Energy recovery is significant for wastewater treatment.

  1. Aging labor

Aging workforce is another concern. On a positive side, the study revealed that an increase in technology platforms will assist the industry via upcoming “brain drain,” as older employees shift into retirement.

With the help of technology, one could grab institutional knowledge and smooth the transition. Experts suggest sustainable planning should be done for recruiting and training the staff employees.

  1. Water scarcity

Water scarcity and conservation issues are different in ratings when compared with geographical area. Regardless of locale, the judicial use of water in most efficient way is becoming a cultural norm. It is challenging to spread knowledge among the people about effects of consumption and significance of water stewardship.

Most of these concerns are correlated. For infrastructure updates, people need funding and this requires consumer value and support. Packaged sewage treatment plant manufacturer say that it is best to consider all the concerns shared in this post while making decisions and planning for future.

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