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Marketing On Twitter. How to do it and why?

Social Media is a channel that you cannot ignore today. In this particular post, we are going to talk about marketing on Twitter. Be it Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook, there is a never ending list of social networking services that you can use for your business growth in 2016.

Marketing on twitter

How To Market Your App On Twitter?

There are nearly two hundred million users with about 58 million of tweets being tweeted every day. You could certainly call twitter a universe. Since this social network platform covers number of topics, it could definitely be a good market for you to promote your business. Over the years, twitter has turned into a micro blogging medium for a lot of people, a marketing platform for a lot of people, and what not! Here, in this article, we intend to tell you how Twitter could be used to market your mobile app that you have for your business. But you need to remember that Twitter is not a tool for making direct sales. Though there is a possibility to that Twitter might get features for direct sales in near future, we will now only concentrate on how you can use it for marketing in its current state.

Promoting through popular accounts

Ever since twentieth century, endorsements by celebrities have turned out to be a great way of introducing a product that is new to the market or turn an existing product into a cooler one. The idea is really simple. If you have a renowned person promote your product, you are actually telling people that their favorite celeb loves the product and so would they. There are plenty of celebrities on Twitter. It is obvious that you wouldn’t get anywhere if you approached a celeb, requesting them to tweet about the mobile app you own. But there are a few companies which act as a connection between celebrities and advertisers.

First, you must open an account on Twitter and create a message about the mobile app that you want to forward to people through a celeb. You could later decide upon how much you can spend on the sponsored tweet. It means that you pay for the tweet which is sent through a particular Twitter account owner, or also by the clicks on the link which you attach in your tweet. You will be allowed to fix a price per click upon the link, and define the targeting of the tweet audience on multiple locations and tags. Later, you choose the celebrity you’d want to forward your tweet through, with the help of the channel you have chosen.

However, before choosing a celebrity, you must necessarily research and find out answers to two important questions;

1) What mobile phone does the celebrity use?
2) Does the celebrity tweet about apps? If yes, what kind of engagement does such tweets get. Do the followers get attracted to them?

You need to know that even if a celeb has got millions of followers on Twitter, it needn’t often convert into an interested audience which will engage with their tweets about a mobile app.

Another platform is present which is in its initial stages and is served solely through a mediator between advertisers and website ad publishers. You could also go with that!

Special Recap: Twitter Inc. Founders: Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey (CEO), Biz Stone, Noah Glass. Founded in March 21, 2006, San Francisco, California, United States.

Promoted tweets

This is one business solution that twitter directly provides. There are 3 tools from which you can choose – Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and also Promoted Trends. Here, we only speak about the Promoted Tweets.

Over a last few months, all of the three tools have been open for any of the Twitter handle owners. Twitter had this tools suit launched in the month of April 2010. Only recently, a renewal in the procedure was made to assess every Twitter handle owner who had applied to make use of the business solution. It was necessary and smart to vet the content in such a way, since while this service was in the beta phase it was not clear how the ads would be or should be instilled in the string of tweets without really frustrating a lot of users.

After lot of iterations with various interface and implementations on the function, this system has emerged to be a highly effective advertising as well as marketing tool for mobile apps. It works easily and could be used for any app marketing requisites. Any of the new tweets or the existing tweets could be promoted.

You can also segregate the audience your tweet is targeted to, in terms of time, gender, location and also the type of platform or mobile devices they use. This tool hosts an array of useful features and they allow you to classify group of users with particular interests. While you ate using this too for targeting the promoted tweet, it turns into a powerful medium to bring your content before the eyes of the exact people you wanted to display the tweet to. This could possibly be the coolest marketing tool on the social media. You can also launch ads for the mobile app right after you have published the corresponding tweet.

Well, these are two important ways of promoting your app through Twitter.

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The author is CEO at Code-Brew Labs, a leading firm in mobile app development and designing. The company was founded in 2013 and has been serving brands and startups globally.


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