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Top 10 Hot Food Startups in US. June 2016 Recap

Food tech is the hot talk in the startup town. Entrepreneurs are looking to satiate the appetite of others. Just name it and they bring it — breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, snacks.

Here’s a list of Top 10 Hot Food Startups in US. June 2016 Recap — Food Startups that made it big



1. Sprig

Sprig provides delicious meals, prepared by chefs who know how to make clean food taste great.

This is How Sprig Works:
Step 1: Choose your meals, drinks and treats from our daily rotating menu.
Step 2: Our friendly servers organize your food for delivery – hot and ready to eat!
Step 3: Your meal arrives in around 20 minutes – like a home-cooked meal without the effort!

2. Farmigo

Farmigo is a small startup with a big mission: to create a food system that’s better for everyone, from farmers to eaters. Farmigo, the name says it all, they are connecting neighborhood communities with their local farmers and producers.


3. Cater2.me

The startup connected companies with local food scene to give them a wholesome sense of hottest chefs and food startups around them! Soon came the lunch time okayed, but the Way the Office Eats Transformed utterly. That’s the promise of Cater2.me, still serving it well red-hot!

good eggs

4. Good Eggs

Using Good Eggs, you can shop local, organic produce, meat and fish, and delicious staples for next-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Back to roots

5. Back to the Roots

Whether you’re growing your own food or buying it at the grocery store, Back to the Roots believes the trust and transparency behind each product should be the same. With ingredients from the kitchen, their products go beyond organic and bring great taste, discovery, and fun back into the kitchen & classroom.

Mission: To Undo Food and connect families back to where it comes from.

Our Story

In a college class, we learned mushrooms could grow entirely on spent coffee grounds. After watching hours of how-to videos and turning our fraternity kitchen into a big science experiment, we eventually decided to give up our corporate job offers to instead become full-time mushroom farmers. What started as curiosity about urban farming has turned into a passion to Undo Food™ and reconnect families back to where it comes from through fun and delicious ready to grow and ready to eat products.

And that passion to Undo Food is what took us from organic mushroom kits to stoneground breakfast cereal. Sometimes, we want to grow food ourselves, taste the absolute freshness, and show kids how mushrooms or herbs grow. And at the other times, we’re busy, running out the door, and we just want to eat something – like breakfast cereal – that’s already been cooked for us. But we believe the underlying trust, transparency, and consciousness shouldn’t change from the produce aisle to the grocery aisle, or from ready to grow to ready to eat. We believe in a future where all food comes from the kitchen, not a lab; and where R&D teams aren’t biochemists, but our grandparents.

We hope you join us & the Back to the Roots family as we work to Undo Food and connect back to where it comes from.

Much love,

Alejandro & Nikhil


6. AgFunder

AgFunder is the premier marketplace for the most promising Ag and AgTech startups seeking to raise investment capital from accredited investors.

It is the world’s largest community of professional agriculture investors. Here, you can access vetted private investment opportunities sourced from their global network and get their industry leading research reports, analysis and news.


7. Rise

On Rise, you can work with a coach to take the guesswork out of dieting. Rise pairs you with a private nutrition expert who will work with you 1:1, and coach you daily to reach your personal best.

Their promise: They will reboot your entire diet and give you the techniques, tools, and motivation you need for a lifetime of health, energy, and confidence if you’re ready to commit to your health.


8. Foodily

FOODILY is the world’s largest recipe search engine. Search over 2 million recipes, collect, create and share your own, all for FREE. Foodily is reinventing how people discover and share recipes. In 2012, Foodily.com won the Webby Award for the best food and beverage site.


9. Drync

The mobile app to help you search, discover, track & buy the wine you love.

We are an experienced team of wine and technology experts who love wine and are passionate about using technology to disrupt large markets. We are applying this philosophy to the $34b wine industry to change the way people discover and buy wine.

One of the fastest growing wine communities in the world since 2008, Drync allows wine drinkers to scan, track, share and purchase wine instantly. Just snap a photo of a label, click buy, and the wine is on its way.

Using state-of-the-art image recognition and a massive database of wine, Drync is bridging the gap between wine discovery and purchase.

Drync has been lauded by the Today Show, Bloomberg TV, USA Today, NY Times, Mashable, TechCrunch, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and many others.

Founders’ Story
Drync was born in the small Tuscan town of San Casciano dei Bagni, Italy. On vacation with spouses and enjoying wine throughout the region, co-founders Brad Rosen and Jodi Goldstein began using their iPhones to capture labels of favorites. Both tech entrepreneurs, the opportunity to use the connected smartphone to demystify wine and increase buyer confidence was not lost on them.

Brad then invited co-founders Bill Kirtley and Rob Mathews, two of the best engineers Brad knew, along with user experience guru Eric Sagalyn to create the most comprehensive wine database and community in the world.

As a team, Brad, Jodi, Bill, and Rob built Drync organically to become just that – an enormous community of wine enthusiasts leveraging the largest corpus of wine data in the world to track, share, and buy wine they love.



10. Yummly

Recipe recommendations based on your tastes, the most powerful recipe search, your digital recipe box, smart shopping list and more.

Apart from the above mentions, let’s talk about Farm Hill, a company that delivers freshly prepared, healthy meals and snacks to workplaces using whole, unprocessed ingredients.

The food contains no refined grains, added sugars, or other processed ingredients or flavorings. There’s no minimum order size and meals cost $10 each. Farm Hill keeps delivery costs low by asking office teams to order together and have their lunches delivered at the same time. The compaany recently raised $3mn by expanding wholesome food delivery to San Francisco.

By Sachin Sharma

Apart from these, more and more efforts like Palate, Minibar are taking shape. Which other food tech startup you think is a must watch out for in 2016? Share with us in comments.


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