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Why isn’t tobacco banned in India?

 Tobacco ban?

Why tobbaco is not banned in India- RecapToday.com

Why tobbaco is not banned in India

After the Withdrawal of Maggi Noodles by Nestle, Indian youth is curious about Tobbaco. The youth is soliciting ‘why tobacco is not banned yet’. Here’s a reason why.

It is not practically possible to ban tobacco in India, figuratively there are approximately 200 million smokers in India which sum up to almost 12% of the worlds smoking population.

Just think what will happen to 200 million tobacco addicts if tobacco is banned all of a sudden .
Tobacco industry also provides livelihood to many people , India’s biggest tobacco manufacturer ITC Ltd sells 80 % of the cigarettes in India.
Godfrey Philips , another big cigarette manufacturer had a turnover of 3600 crore last year.
Indian tobacco industry is one of the largest commercial sectors and an important source of direct and indirect employment in many regions of the country. With a total production value of US$ 1.6 trillion in 2012, the Tobacco industry’s contribution to the nation’s GDP amounted to 1.1% representing about 7% of the total for the manufacturing sector.
Tobacco, being a labor intensive crop, provides employment to more than 60 lakh people who are engaged in the farming, curing, grading, primary marketing, processing,packaging, manufacturing, distribution, and retailing activities besides exporting

-Answered by Akhilesh Gupta

Green Tea enthusiast and Computer Science Engineering student

We ask ourselves many a times, why is not tobacco banned in india yet. Now if we are getting such statistics even after efforts to ban tobacco products and making people aware of health related problems on tobacco consumption, will tobacco be ever banned in India? What do you think?

Opinion: For good health of its citizens, Government should ban tobacco products. What’s your opinion?

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